The Midwich Cuckoos

    • The Midwich Cuckoos


      Driving back from a weekend in London, Richard and Janet Gayford are surprised to find the village of Midwich sealed off because of army manoeuvres. There are no birds singing, the air seems thick and there is a strange sort of music in the air. It soon becomes clear that there is an invisible wall around the village, and everyone within the perimeter is unconscious. When the barrier lifts, the strange occurrence is put down to a gas leak. The villagers seem to have suffered no adverse effects from their ‘day out’ – until, some months later, there is an epidemic of pregnancies among the women. All the babies are born on the same day, all have golden eyes and they can all communicate with each other telepathically. As they grow older and their powers grow stronger, the people of Midwich begin to feel threatened...

      Richard Gayford - Bill Nighy
      Janet Gayford - Sarah Parish
      Zellab - Clive Merrison
      Alan - Nicholas R. Bailey
      Ferelleyn - Katherine Tozer
      Chief Superintendent Westcot - Seamus O'Neill
      David Pawle - Lloyd Peters
      Miss Lamb - Christine Brennan
      Reverend Leebody - Malcolm Raeburn
      Miss Ogle - Rebecca Bridle
      William - Casey O'Brien
      Angela - Mariella Brown
      Girl - Rosie Fleeshman
      Boy - Mat Belshaw

      Original Music composed and performed by Chris Madin
      Written by John Wyndham; Dramatized by Dan Rebellato; Produced and Directed by Polly Thomas
      First broadcast by BBC Radio 4 on November 30, 2003; Last broadcast by BBC Radio 4 on December 7, 2003;
      Number of episodes: two
      Total Running Time approx. 120 Minutes. 35 Tracks on 2 Discs.

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      :wegweiser: Note: :wegweiser2:
      Previously BBC World Service already produced an audio drama of this book. It was broadcasted in three 30 minute episodes on 9th, 16th and 23rd December 1982. Unfortunately this Version does not seem to be commercially available.
      However, it can be found on
      And no, no german version exists. :nein:

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