The Chrysalids & Survival

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    • The Chrysalids & Survival



      The Chrysalids
      Ten-year-old David is a happy, ordinary boy, untroubled except for occasional strange dreams about a mysterious city - until he befriends Sophie, who is unlike anybody he has met before: she has six toes. But in the ultra-religious village of Waknut, all abnormality is abhorred as an offense against God, and he must keep her secret to himself. When he learns that he, too, is 'deviant', he realises that differences can be very dangerous indeed...

      Set in the future, it concerns the first auto-piloted space flight. When the ship meets with an accident, one of the passengers is killed and the others are cast adrift in space. They have enough supplies to last three months - but the only woman on board, Alice Morgan, is pregnant, and needs more extra rations. Then food starts to go missing from the larder. What lenghts will the passengers go to in order to survive?


      The Chrysalids
      David - Stephen Garlick
      Rosalind - Amanda Murray
      Petra - Judy Bennett
      Michael - Spencer Banks
      Katherine - Phillipa Ritchie
      Rachel - Jennifer Lee
      Anne - Kathryn Hurlbutt
      David as a child - Susan Sheridan
      Sofie as a child - Elissa Derwent
      Mrs Wender / Sealander - Jennifer Piercey
      Mr Wender / Spiderman - Robin Browne
      Mary - Elizabeth Rider
      David's Father - Peter Baldwin
      David's Mother - Sonia Fraser
      Uncle Axel - Michael Spice
      Inspector - John Rye
      Jacob - William Eedle
      Jerome Skinner - Martyn Read
      Sopie - Jane Knoles

      The Man in Black - Edward de Souza
      Alice - Karen Ascoe
      David / Neesreader - Simon Cuff
      Marshal - David March
      Rogers - Richrad Tate
      Captian Winters - Michael Deacon
      Prentiss - John Mofatt
      Temple - Nicholas Courtney
      Hank / Baumann - Joe Dunlop
      Carter - Martin Dew
      Mr. Feltham / Al - Michael Graham Cox
      Mrs. Feltham - Eva Stuart


      The Chrysalids
      Written by John Wyndham; Dramatized by Barbara Clegg; Produced by Michael Bartlett;
      First broadcast by BBC Radio 4 on 25 April 1981
      Total Running Time approx. 90 Minutes. 33 tracks on 2 CDs.

      Written by John Wyndham; Dramatized by Pat Hooker; Produced by Gerry Jones;
      First broadcast by BBC Radio 4 on 19 March 1989
      Total Running Time approx. 30 Minutes. 12 tracks on 1 CD (Part of Disc 2 of The Chrysalids).

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