The Day of the Triffids

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    • The Day of the Triffids

      In The Day of the Triffids, first broadcast in 1968, most people have been left blind after a meteor shower; and lethal carnivorous triffids are roaming the land.
      This full-cast audio drama is based on the classic post-war "science fantasy" novel which made John Wyndham famous, and whose appeal endures to this day. Divided by blindness and societal breakdown, humanity is at the mercy of the carnivorous Triffids.

      First published in 1951, John Wyndham's classic novel of man's struggle in a besieged world became a classic, and is dramatized by Giles Cooper in this classic 1968 Full Cast BBC Classic Radio Sci-Fi audio theater recording. This six-part adaptation stars Gary Watson, Barbara Shelley, and Peter Sallis, with appearances from Doctor Who names Peter Pratt, Christopher Bidmead, and David Brierley.

      The Day of the Triffids is perhaps the most famous catastrophe novel of the twentieth century, and its startling imagery of desolate streets and lurching, lethal plant life retains its power to haunt today. Divided by blindness and societal breakdown, humanity is at the mercy of the carnivorous Triffids.

      Bill Masen wakes in his hospital bed, eyes bandaged. Something is wrong: it's unusually quiet, and no one has come to his room. When he removes his bandages, he finds a world that has changed utterly. Most of the population are completely blind - only those who didn't watch the night sky can still see.

      And as law and order break down, a new menace appears - triffids, walking carnivorous plants that can kill a human with their lethal sting. For Bill and the other survivors, it's now a battle to stay alive.

      Gary Watson stars as Bill, with Barbara Shelley as Josella in these six stirring episodes. Also among the cast are Peter Sallis, Marjorie Westbury (Steve in the Paul Temple radio series) and some names familiar to Doctor Who aficionados: Peter Pratt, Christopher Bidmead, and David Brierley.

      Bill Masen: Gary Watson / Josella Playton: Barbara Shelley / Coker: Peter Sallis / Elspeth Cary, Mary: Freda Dowie / The Managing Director: Ralph Truman / Umberto Palanguez, Hawker: Garard Green / Bill as a boy, Mac, Second Man (ep.3): Michael Deacon / Mr. Masen: Peter Pratt / Walter Lucknor: Peter Baldwin / Nurse, Lucy: Jan Edwards / Commentator, Stephen Brennell: John Pullen / House Surgeon: Rolf Lefebvre / Publican, Torrence: Haydn Jones / Young Man: Christopher Bidmead / Child, Miss Durrant: Hilda Kriseman / Mother: Pauline Letts / Blind Man: John Wyse / Second Man (ep. 2), Archer: Anthony Jackson / Michael Beadley: Michael McClain / Ivan Simpson: Nigel Graham / Miss Berr: Marjorie Westbury / Alf, First Man (ep. 3): James McManus / Vorless: Victor Lucas / Woman, Girl: Ann Murray / Vera: Rosalind Shanks / Susan: Jill Cary / Dennis: David Brierley / Joyce: Margaret Roberston / First Man (ep. 6): Alexander John / Second Man (ep. 6): Leonard Fenton / Announcer: Colin Doran

      Theme music by David Cain, BBC Radiophonic Workshop
      Written by John Wyndham; Dramatized by Giles Cooper; Produced by John Powell;
      First broadcast by BBC Radio 4 on June 20, 1968; Last broadcast by BBC Radio 4 on July 25, 1968;
      Number of episodes: six
      01. The End begins
      02. A Light in the Night
      03. Conference and Confusion
      04. Dead End
      05. World Narrowing
      06. Strategic Withdrawl
      Total Running Time approx. 179 Minutes. 72 tracks (with an additional five tracks containing the Deleted Scenes) on Disc 3 of 3 CDs.

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